The Business Opportunities


Coffee Shop Business

Coffee outlets have been popular uses for our Red Phone Boxes. Many tenants have found the compact space perfect for delivery coffee to commuters.


Transforming these kiosks into coffee shops is simple and the running costs are low!

They have provided a solution for the grab-and-go culture of the 21st century.

We can put you in touch with manufacturers who can install high-end coffee machines and make your Red Phone Box coffee shop a reality.


What's more - you'll be reducing your carbon footprint. You could help those busy caffeine-seekers in your city, without the high running costs and environmental impact of larger premises.

Find a Red Phone Box for my Coffee Shop Business


Retail Outlet

A Red Phone Box may seem like a small space for a shop, but the opportunities are infinite.


All great retail venues stock only their best products to gain the best profit ratios. Displaying your amazing products in a unique space will attract attention and customers.

We know this because we have had a variety of retailers make their retail Red Phone Boxes successful. Some have sold snacks, others souvenirs, and some have even have used them as spaces in which to showcase virtual products.


Find a Red Phone Box in a high footfall area and start your retail business dream today!


Food & Beverage

Picture your food outlet on a busy high street or business hub location.


The 21st century is a busy one and has given rise to a grab-and-go culture. That's why our Red Phone Box food and beverage businesses have been so successful.

Some have chosen to sell pre-packed sandwiches, crisps and bottled drinks. Whereas others have gone for fresh salad buffets and smoothies.


The options are plentiful. There are many busy office workers and shoppers in your area seeking an easy grab lunch or snack. You could be their regular choice of outlet.


Find out more about launching your food and beverage business in a Red Phone Box.


Promotional and Advertising Space

Most of our Red Phone Boxes are in areas of very high footfall. Plus, they themselves are iconic structures, already eye-catching. So what better place could you imagine to advertise or promote your business from?


Many of our sites have been used for advertising.


Some have chosen to place large posters on the windows on the boxes, advertising local and national products and services.


Others use the kiosks as an outlet to promote their businesses. Handing out flyers and creating a space from which to engage potential customers. Some have even used the booth as a virtual showroom.

Not all kiosks have licenses for advertising so have a browse through Red Phone Boxes available to see which do. 


Other Businesses

Mobile Phone Repair Shop

Lovefone has opened possibly the smallest mobile phone repair shop in the country. It has been such a success that Lovefone are now looking at rolling these centres out nationwide.

Car Dealership

Peugeot has unveiled a tiny car dealership - in a London phone box! One of our iconic phone boxes has been converted into a fully connected online showroom. The first order was placed on the website within 24 hours of the system being launched. Since then, it has hosted almost a million users and received more than 35,000 part-exchange valuations.